January Dharma Article

Happy New Year!  While I do admit to a certain amount of naivete, I remain the eternal optimist.  The beginning of 2020

January Dharma Article2021-12-31T09:54:18-08:00

Happy New Year!

G Sakamoto and Family We’ve managed through another year of the pandemic. Some of us have adjusted to the changes others have

Happy New Year!2021-12-31T09:52:30-08:00

“Bakatare”, reflections on Ego

I know there are some famous Japanese words in this Japanese American society. “Bakatare” which means fool or idiot is one of

“Bakatare”, reflections on Ego2021-11-29T08:18:04-08:00

A Long Time Ago

As the year draws to a close there are so many things that we might think about. There is of course the

A Long Time Ago2021-11-29T08:15:47-08:00

December Dharma Article

Hard to believe, but it’s almost time to “close the book” on 2021!  Of course, the book on 2021 is going to

December Dharma Article2021-11-29T08:13:01-08:00

Infinite Compassion

I was listening to NPR Weekend Edition on Saturday as I drove to the office as I do usually. Scott Simon was

Infinite Compassion2021-10-29T09:28:28-07:00

“Negative Capability”

It has been a while since the pandemic started. Many people might have already been used to this “new normal” life. However,

“Negative Capability”2021-10-29T09:26:18-07:00

November Dharma Article

Happy New Year!  Actually, New Fiscal Year 2022!  We’ve already had the New School Year 2021-2022!  And Happy New Year 2022 is

November Dharma Article2021-10-29T09:25:06-07:00

Prince Shotoku and his wishes

This year, 2021 is the special year to commemorate the 1,400th anniversary of Prince Shotoku’s death. Prince Shotoku is considered as one

Prince Shotoku and his wishes2021-09-28T08:26:27-07:00
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