The Life and Times of Mrs Rinban-Episode 4

“Kindness-Helping a small fish in a local pond”             In my life, as in other people’s lives, there have been a number

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Mikame-sensei’s article – October

"A typhoon warning has been issued in Chiba prefecture." When I was casually browsing the news articles section on Yahoo Japan’s website,

Mikame-sensei’s article – October2019-09-25T00:08:26-07:00

President’s Message – October

President’s Message Autumnal Equinox was September 23 and Ohigan has also passed.  You can feel the weather change during the day from

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Walking the Nembutsu path

Walking the Nembutsu path G Sakamoto On the first day of Dharma School we chanted together in front of the Buddha. That

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Betsuin Board Highlights – Sept 2019

Betsuin Board Highlights San Jose Betsuin Board of Directors Meeting Thursday September 05, 2019   submitted by Joyce Iwasaki Mission Statement The

Betsuin Board Highlights – Sept 20192019-09-10T14:28:11-07:00

Article from Mikame-sensei

Hello, everyone! I am Etsuko Mikame. I am the new Kaikyoshi Minister assigned to the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin. I have

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Welcome Mikame Sensei

G Sakamoto At long last Reverend Etsuko Mikame has arrived. Our hopes that she would arrive sooner probably made the wait seem

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President’s Message – Sept 2019

If you have visited the temple recently, you will see a happy new face.  Reverend Etsuko Mikame finally arrived in San Jose

President’s Message – Sept 20192019-09-05T01:04:58-07:00
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