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I often find myself at a restaurant for the first time and not knowing what to order. What do you do


Three Poisons

Greed, anger, foolishness these are the three poisons. The Three Poisons keep us cycling through Samsara, constantly causing us to bring

Three Poisons2024-04-24T13:46:20-07:00

July 2020


July 20202023-09-27T14:43:54-07:00


We observe two Ohigan services each year. One in spring and one in fall. Each service coincides with an equinox. The equinox


The True and Real Name

In our world, we have words. Words are tools, so to speak, used to point to certain things. Therefore, the word itself

The True and Real Name2023-02-22T17:31:24-08:00

President Message – March 2023

On Sunday, January 29, 2023, the Betsuin hosted our annual Dana Day and Volunteer Recognition Service. Created and hosted by Terry Oshidari,

President Message – March 20232023-02-22T17:30:14-08:00

Student One

“He thought next of his five former comrades in the practice of asceticism. The Buddha determined through his clairvoyance that they were

Student One2023-01-30T09:02:26-08:00

President Message

I hope the start of 2023 has gone well for you, your family, and friends. As President of the SJ Betsuin, I

President Message2023-01-30T08:59:21-08:00

In conversations 

A merchant once prepared a luxurious meal for a gathering of priests. He wanted to express his gratitude for all their work.

In conversations 2022-12-20T09:02:29-08:00
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