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Infinite Compassion

I was listening to NPR Weekend Edition on Saturday as I drove to the office as I do usually. Scott Simon was

Infinite Compassion2021-10-29T09:28:28-07:00

“Negative Capability”

It has been a while since the pandemic started. Many people might have already been used to this “new normal” life. However,

“Negative Capability”2021-10-29T09:26:18-07:00

November Dharma Article

Happy New Year!  Actually, New Fiscal Year 2022!  We’ve already had the New School Year 2021-2022!  And Happy New Year 2022 is

November Dharma Article2021-10-29T09:25:06-07:00

Prince Shotoku and his wishes

This year, 2021 is the special year to commemorate the 1,400th anniversary of Prince Shotoku’s death. Prince Shotoku is considered as one

Prince Shotoku and his wishes2021-09-28T08:26:27-07:00

October Dharma Article

Alpha…beta...delta…mu….  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would need to remember all those names and symbols.  I thought I

October Dharma Article2021-09-28T08:24:26-07:00


September and March are the months during which we observe Ohigan. Higan is the other shore opposite from where we are in



The heat of summer still lingers as we begin to think about the fall. The Summer Olympics are behind us. Lots to


September Dharma Article

September Dharma Article Incredibly, September marks the year and half “anniversary” of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Back in March of 2020, I could

September Dharma Article2021-08-31T13:03:38-07:00

Post Obon

Hard to believe, but Obon 2021 is in the books! This was only possible because of the tremendous efforts of the Obon

Post Obon2021-08-05T11:47:49-07:00

Still Virtual

This year our Hatsubon and Obon services were once again observed virtually. We have been away from the temple for such a

Still Virtual2021-08-05T11:46:39-07:00
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