0:24:26 Dharma Talk – Reverend Mikame

1:09:010 Dharma Message – Rinban Sakamoto

Come And View Our Services

We’d love to have you join us. We are currently on our regular schedule with a Dharma School (children) Service at 9:30 AM and an Adult Service at 10:10 AM, US/Pacific, every Sunday, and Japanese Service at 11:00 AM of the second Sunday of each month.。


We have the six most recent services below under “Recent Services”.

To view even older services, please go to our “SJBetsuin.videos” YouTube channel using the link below.

SJ Betsuin YouTube Channel

Recent Services

00:19:07 Dharma Talk – Sumi Tanabe

法話(ほうわ)- 三瓶悦子先生

0:21:37 Dharma Talk – Michael Jones

1:03:01 Dharma Message – Dennis Akizuki

0:25:40 Dharma Talk – Rev. Mikame

1:12:24 Dharma Message – Rinban Sakamoto

0:19:30 Dharma Talk – Dennis Akizuki

1:07:23 Dharma Message – Rinban Sakamoto

2:17:34 法話(ほうわ)- 三瓶悦子先生

0:20:24 Dharma Talk – Sumi Tanabe

1:12:33 Dharma Message – Rev. Etsuko Mikame

Most of our services are conducted in English. Our services texts are in the “Religious Materials” page and are written in English phonetically (“romaji”) from Japanese.

Religious Materials