Adult Programs

Under the direction of Mr. Michael Yoshihara, the Betsuin Choir has a long and proud history. Formerly known as the Senior Choir, this group is made up of interested, musically inclined adults of all ages. The choir performs at several events and services throughout the year. Singing Buddhist gathas, Japanese cultural songs, and other selections, they entertain the Sangha and broader audiences.

The choir meets for rehearsal on Tuesday evenings at the Temple.

The ABA is a group of Buddhist adults who come together for social, religious and community service purposes. ABA takes part in temple, District and National events and often helps with the logistics of these events.

Historically, ABA was known as the Nisei Buddhist Society and was formed in 1953 by the merger of the Sonen-kai and the Junior Fujin-kai.

The BWA (also known as the Fujin-Kai) is the temple’s primary service group. The women of the BWA prepare Japanese meals, provide food for events and services, do community service for local organizations and teach younger members the fine art of Japanese food preparation.

This group is truly the backbone of the Temple’s Sangha. As mothers and grandmothers they have encouraged and helped their children and families to understand the importance of the Dharma, while arranging various religious activities and programs for their personal spiritual awakening. In addition to all of these activities, they have initiated and developed many social and fundraising events.

Membership in the BWA is open to all women with the interest and the desire to participate.

The Sangha Support Committee exemplifies dana which is self-less giving and is the service oriented organization of the Betsuin. The Committee helps organize the Welcoming Committee, Hospital Visits and the Open Door Cafe. They hold seminars for the membership such as Qi Gong, line dancing and various food classes.

The Sangha Crafters is a group of people who like to knit and work on other craft projects together and to donate the produced product to worthwhile causes. For example, the Crafters knit booties for the infants which they donate to the various infant intensive care units in the Santa Clara Valley.