Sangha Support


The Sangha Support Committee (SSC) was formed in 1993 when Sumi Tanabe was the Betsuin Board President.  The vision for this new committee was Sumi’s desire to help our Sangha members.  SSC’s first meeting was on January 19, 1994, with Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, professor of nursing at San Jose State University, serving as our first chairperson.  A committee of the Betsuin Board of Directors, SSC meets monthly from September through May.

Our Mission

To serve the needs of the Sangha and the community at large To practice compassion in action

Education Program:   Join us for talks on current medical & social issues or activities such as line dancing, food demonstrations, Qigong classes, craft sessions, senior fun day and more.  Past workshops have included Laughing Yoga, Instant Pot Cooking Demo & Tasting, How to be Safe with Medications, Healing Arts, and Disaster Preparedness.   Let us know your ideas for future talks & workshops!

Kokoro Kai (Caring Heart) Program:  Choose a time to read to a young stroke patient, enjoy lunch or visit with widows of retired ministers or visit the elderly in senior care homes.

Social Service:  Help cook meals for the homeless, send “thinking of you” cards to Sangha members, help at the Volunteer Recognition Tea and support Betsuin activities as requested.

            * SSC took the lead on the Project Gratitude Committee, a Betsuin activity, to recognize essential workers in our Sangha during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Gift cards, masks and handwritten notes were mailed to each honoree.

           * Terry Oshidari, the lead for the Betsuin Volunteer Recognition program for 25 years, has SSC’s help to organize and welcome honorees to the Annual Recognition tea.

            * Past help given to Stanford Hospital’s Spiritual Care Program included donations of Onenju made by SSC.

Sangha Quilters & Sangha Crafters:

Quilters help create group quilts and sewing projects for community fundraisers such as Yu-Ai Kai, JACL, Suzume no Gakko and Lotus PreSchool, etc.

Crafters knit and crochet blankets, scarves, caps of all sizes and fleece blankets, etc. for Project Linus, Valley Medical Center, homeless shelters, AACI (Asian American for Community Involvement), and for other agencies when requested.  Most supplies are provided.

Friendship:   Enjoy camaraderie at our monthly meetings, at our annual luncheon, at Qigong class, at Onenju making sessions, and at temple services and events.

You’re welcome to join us as an Active Member (regular attendance) or Associate Member (help as needed).    Please leave your name and contact information for SSC at the Betsuin office.  We hope to hear from you soon!       (Jeanne Nakano, Dec. 2020)