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A Satisfying Drink

The taste of coffee differs greatly depending on the way it is brewed.  According to a coffee expert, the slightest effort

A Satisfying Drink2024-04-25T21:27:18-07:00

Broken Tiles

There is a discussion in my email regarding the repair of the Hondo roof. There are several tiles that are either

Broken Tiles2023-09-27T11:58:23-07:00

What does the Pure Land mean to Us?

In September, there is a special Buddhist service called "Ohigan." ”O” is honorific word in Japanese. "Higan" literally means "the other

What does the Pure Land mean to Us?2023-09-27T11:42:15-07:00


I started writing this article from a tire shop in Arcata. This is the second year we have been invited to


Transferred into Gold

In this age in which we live, sad to say, there is a war going on. Since last year there has

Transferred into Gold2023-09-27T11:23:42-07:00

Blow Ro

I enjoy barbecuing but the changing conditions of urbanization and climate change have left my grill and coals in disrepair. I

Blow Ro2023-09-27T11:18:11-07:00
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