Coronavirus Update: Event Changes

March 13, 2020

  1. Sunday Services will be only available by live streaming until April 12th.
  2. Boy Scout Family Dinner is cancelled  – A limited number of Boy Scout leaders will be on site to notify those that aren’t aware of the Boy Scout Family Dinner cancellation. They will be offering full refunds if you turn in your tickets with a name and mailing address. Refunds can be made by mail. Tickets must be mailed to the Betsuin office for refunds. Each person requesting a refund must provide tickets, name, and full address.
  3. Lotus Unite has been postponed.  Will inform once a date is confirmed.
  4. Soul Line Dancing: Cancelled in March; notice to come about future events.
  5. Obon Planning Meeting – March 16th cancelled; Next Obon Meeting will be April 2oth.
  6. Aloha Club scheduled for Sunday, March 22nd – Cancelled
  7. 1st cooking club meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 22nd has been cancelled.  Will inform when next meeting will take place.
  8. Pain Management Workshop scheduled for Sunday, March 29th – Cancelled
  9. Estate Planning scheduled for Sunday, April 5th – Cancelled
  10. Harumatsuri in Morgan Hill scheduled for Saturday April 19th – Cancelled
  11. Nikkei Matsuri scheduled for Sunday, April 26th – Cancelled