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March President’s Message

The calendar says that the end of Winter is just a couple of weeks away, but you could have fooled me!  I

March President’s Message2022-02-28T19:36:02-08:00

The Peony flowers on our Ranma

What do you put in the center of `your` life? What do you rely on in `your` life? These questions are repeatedly

The Peony flowers on our Ranma2022-01-28T13:29:51-08:00

February Dharma Article

Crazy to think that we are almost exactly two years into the global pandemic!  Unfortunately, there are still about 25% of Americans

February Dharma Article2022-01-28T13:28:10-08:00

The Tragedy at Rajagriha

Long, long time ago in a palace far, far away a prince killed his father and intended to kill his mother. The

The Tragedy at Rajagriha2022-01-28T13:26:40-08:00

January Dharma Article

Happy New Year!  While I do admit to a certain amount of naivete, I remain the eternal optimist.  The beginning of 2020

January Dharma Article2021-12-31T09:54:18-08:00

Happy New Year!

G Sakamoto and Family We’ve managed through another year of the pandemic. Some of us have adjusted to the changes others have

Happy New Year!2021-12-31T09:52:30-08:00

“Bakatare”, reflections on Ego

I know there are some famous Japanese words in this Japanese American society. “Bakatare” which means fool or idiot is one of

“Bakatare”, reflections on Ego2021-11-29T08:18:04-08:00

A Long Time Ago

As the year draws to a close there are so many things that we might think about. There is of course the

A Long Time Ago2021-11-29T08:15:47-08:00
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