Reverend Etsuko Mikame comes from Shimane Prefecture where her family temple has shared the Nembutsu for over 300 years. She has brought the richness and depth of that history here to our sangha. Since leaving home she has among many other experiences graduated with a double major from Waseda University, worked at a prosthetic company, studied abroad, worked at a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, attended and trained others at the Hongwanji’s seminary and received Fukyoshi certification.

This past year has hopefully been an interesting introduction to life at the Betsuin. She has been with San Jose for our BWA’s leadership participation in the World BWA Conference, Kalapana concert, the police arrest of a knife wielding individual in our office lobby who was then arrested again on the temple’s front lawn, a BWA bus trip to Graton Casino. First Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first New Years outside of Japan. Then meetings. Many meetings. More meetings. Then the Pandemic and shelter in place, masks and social distancing. Something that engulfed the world. Then Zooming and adjusting to services with no one in the Hondo and Obon@Home. She has taken this all in stride, with a wonderful sense of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Mikame Sensei, we hope you’ll stay awhile, way past the pandemic, and continue to share your joy in the Nembutsu.

Please watch the commemorative slide show for Rev. Mikame featuring photos of her with the Sangha.