May Dharma Article

The year seems to be moving right along…pandemic and all.  It’s probably just me because I know that I am not normal (as I have been told many times)!  The winter surge of Covid-19 has led up to a much improved situation in the spring…at least here in California.  We can all enjoy the freshness of the spring and its many blossoms.  I hope that everyone got the chance to watch the Hanami event hosted by Mikame Sensei.  There were many great sakura pictures both here locally and back in Japan at Sensei’s family temple.  Sensei’s father was the host on the Japan side and he seems like a fun and friendly guy!  I hope that we all get to meet him sometime soon.

The Monterey temple will be hosting a Coast District joint Gotan-e service this month.  They will have a special guest speaker, Rev. Grant Ikuta from the Steveston Buddhist Church in British Columbia, Canada.  All of the CD temples will participate and be able to view via Zoom on May 16.  Immediately prior to this service (which starts at 10am), there will be our Shosanshiki Infant Presentation service at 9am.

We will also be holding the 13th Annual SJ Buddhist Church Golf Tournament on May 24th at the San Jose Country Club.  It’s a little earlier than usual (traditionally in June) as we hope to get better weather than in 2019!  I hope that you can join us.  This is a fundraiser for our Generations Phase II campaign.  See details in the Dharma or on the Betsuin website.

A decision was made that we will not be able to have a “normal” Obon again this year and will instead host another virtual event.  Stay tuned for details in the coming months.

Yes, hard to believe it, but summer will be here before you know it.  Let’s all stay the course, get vaccinated and continue to wear a mask!

In Gassho,