Betsuin Board Highlights

San Jose Betsuin Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday December 15, 2019

 submitted by Joyce Iwasaki

Mission Statement

The mission of the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin is to learn and to share the Jodo Shinshu understanding of the Three Treasures

Buddha, Dharma and Sangha


A motion was moved/seconded/passed to accept the Betsuin Board Slate of Officers for 2020:

President                                                         Ed Nodohara

Immediate Past President                               Dennis Akizuki

President-Elect                                                Vacant

Vice President Communications                     Kevin Kitagawa

Vice President Religious Education                 Mas Nishimura

Vice President Property Management           Steve Onishi

Co-Vice President of Membership                  Dina Nakano

Co-Vice President of Membership                  Rajan Saigusa

Vice President of Youth Department              Larry Handa

Co-Vice President of Special Events                Emi Tsutsumi

Co-Vice President of Special Events                Jacque Yamaguchi

Treasurer                                                        Vacant

Secretary                                                         Emi Tsutsumi

Historian                                                         Vacant