Can AI replace minister’s job?

With the drastic development of the technology of Artificial Intelligence, our lives and jobs have been getting more convenient and efficient. Those

Can AI replace minister’s job?2022-05-03T12:32:26-07:00

Hojo Tokunaga Chair

You may remember Reverend Hojo and Reverend Tokunaga, who both served the Betsuin for many years, but do you know many years

Hojo Tokunaga Chair2022-05-03T12:30:33-07:00

May Dharma Article

It certainly has been an historic 2 years…ones that we hope never to encounter again!  However, there is a light at the

May Dharma Article2022-05-03T12:28:34-07:00

Who we are

This is the Mission and Vision Statements of the Betsuin. These statements guide us in our decisions and our responsibilities. Mission Statement

Who we are2022-04-03T16:49:18-07:00

The message from Buddha’s flower

As it is getting warmer, we can see that flowers gradually started blooming. Everywhere. It makes me so excited.  When we have

The message from Buddha’s flower2022-03-30T20:00:41-07:00

April Dharma Article

And the answer to the question about Obon is………..well, maybe.  How’s that for a wishy washy answer!  Based upon our initial poll

April Dharma Article2022-03-30T19:59:08-07:00


Many years ago oshoko was commonly translated “incense offering”. We used “offering” in many of our practices to describe an action before


March President’s Message

The calendar says that the end of Winter is just a couple of weeks away, but you could have fooled me!  I

March President’s Message2022-02-28T19:36:02-08:00

The Peony flowers on our Ranma

What do you put in the center of `your` life? What do you rely on in `your` life? These questions are repeatedly

The Peony flowers on our Ranma2022-01-28T13:29:51-08:00
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