Crazy to think that we are almost exactly two years into the global pandemic!  Unfortunately, there are still about 25% of Americans that have not gotten and likely never will get vaccinated.  These are the “it’s my right” or the “government can’t tell me what to do” folks.  Of course, there are some legitimate reasons for not getting vaccinated, but those are few and far between.  I do try to understand their thinking.  America was built upon a strong independent spirit that has carried us through a couple hundred years of history.  However, I hope that more people will eventually come to the realization that we are all dependent upon one another, whether we like it or not.

Speaking of interdependence, we are already nearing the end of winter.  There has not been a significant amount of rain since December and do not forget that we are still in a drought!  To get through this, we must again depend upon one another to conserve water whenever possible.  I am affected by the guy that overwaters his lawn such that the excess water runs down the gutter.  Or by the higher food prices as farmers will not be able to plant as many crops.

Serious fundraising efforts for our new Dharma School Building (Generations Phase 2) will start in the first half of 2022.  The main goal of this program is to replace the current aging structure with a new, modern and safe building that will serve the Sangha for decades to come.  This is yet another example of interdependence…the building is dependent upon funding by the Sangha and the Sangha is dependent upon the building to provide the facilities for continued Buddhist education and future growth of the Betsuin.  There will be more information on how you can help in the near future!

So, let’s all work together…get vaccinated and boosted, continue to conserve water (and hope for rain!) and look for information on how you can help with the Generations Phase 2 campaign.  We are all depending on you!

In Gassho,