Date:        October 11, 2018

To:        Mitchell

From         Joyce Iwasaki

Re:        Board Highlights


Dear Mitchell ~


Please post the following October Board Highlights on the Betsuin website.


Thank you!




Betsuin Board Highlights

San Jose Betsuin Board of Directors Meeting

October 04, 2018


submitted by Joyce Iwasaki


Mission Statement


The mission of the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin is to learn and to share the Jodo Shinshu understanding of the Three Treasures

Buddha, Dharma and Sangha


The intent of the Betsuin Board Bullets is to highlight Board actions, decisions, special events and projects.  Please contact the Betsuin Board officers, directors or the ministers for details on any item.



  • Motions   



    It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the September 2018 meeting minutes as corrected.


It was moved, seconded and passed to an agreement to sell the 2007 Honda Accord to Rev Fujimoto for     $2000.


It was moved, seconded and passed to accept the Japantown Community Congress of San Jose proposal     to have its annual Bonnenkai in the Annex on December 27, 2018. The rental fees are waived since the     Betsuin is a member of this group.


It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC) annex rental request     for November 04, 2018. (Approval of the HIC rental request for November 02 – 03, 2018 was approved     during the September Board Meeting.)


  • Ministers’ Report – Rinban Sakamoto


The Rinban robes have been ordered and may take up to 6 months to be delivered.

An official ceremony of receiving the title of Rinban and all its duties for Rinban Sakamoto is planned for     Sunday December 02, 2018.  Bishop Umezu will officiate this ceremony as well as deliver Dharma     messages.  A reception after this ceremony is being planned by the Special Events Committee.

Bodhi Day is scheduled on Sunday December 09, 2018 with Rev Matthew Hamasaki from the     Sacramento Betsuin as the guest speaker. There will be a luncheon following the service     sponsored by     the Dharma School.  The Annual Temple Membership meeting will follow the luncheon.  Dina Nakano,     Betsuin Co-Vice President of Membership, is currently working with organizations and individuals on the     Betsuin Annual Report which will be presented at the Annual Meeting.


  • Special Events – Emi Tsutsumi


The 2018 Keiro Kai event was held on Sunday September 30th with approximately 250 in attendance.     The food was catered by Hukilau with Lynne Yamaichi acting as the liaison between the restaurant and     the committee. Al Hironaga led the team of efficient photo booth photographers and technicians.     Deborah Aso led the team of lei makers each spending hours and hours on each gift for the honorees.     Janice Oda created all the graphics, decorations and photo props and backdrops. The youth and youth     parents provided the manpower led by Larry Handa and Stan Kawamata. Emi Tsutsumi and Jacque     Yamaguchi led the entire project. Dennis Akizuki kept the pace going as the MC.  Cindy Sakuma was our     liaison to the Hui’ilima Dancers and musicians and Ken Furukawa as the AV technician.


  • EcoSangha Club – Al Hironaga


Recycling – The EcoSangha continues to collect gently-used shoes, original equipment manufacturer     (OEM) inkjet and laser printer cartridges and white Styrofoam pieces for recycling. Those items can be     deposited in recycling boxes located in the Betsuin office, in the annex lobby or in the large gray wooden     box with the EcoSangha logo in front of Lotus Preschool.

Earth Day 2019 – The EcoSangha has started to plan the activities at our next Betsuin Earth Day, which will occur on Sunday, April 21, 2019.

Meeting – The next EcoSangha meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 PM in the Betsuin conference room.


  • Dana Club Report – Al Hironaga


On Wednesday, October 24, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, the Dana Club will again be sorting donated food items at the Second Harvest Food Bank. If you are interested in helping with this effort to support the local community, contact Al Hironaga at ahironaga@hotmail.com.

On Saturday, October 27, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the Dana Club will be helping the Rebuilding Together organization to make repairs on the home of a family in the local community. During this biannual Rebuilding Day, many organizations will be helping to make improvements to many homes across the nation. If you are interested in helping with this project, contact Al Hironaga at ahironaga@hotmail.com.

  • Garden Committee Report – Al Hironaga

    Atlas Cedar Tree – The Garden Committee has been regularly watering the new Atlas Cedar tree in front     of the annex, and the tree appears to be doing well with aromatic oil dripping from its branches and     many small male cones developing on its branches.

  • Property Management Report – Steve Onishi


The humming issue in the speakers in the gym has been resolved.


A fourth wireless microphone was purchases.



The large dishwashing sink in the kitchen has been repaired. The original contractor was able to reweld     the sink to the countertop and provide additional support underneath.



The new camera control and video recording/streaming hardware are scheduled for installation at the     end of October.



The Fujimotos relocated to a new home in Manteca.  the major move occurred on Saturday September     29th and a smaller moved occurred on Sunday October 7th. The Betsuin rented a truck and several     Sangha members led by Stan Kawamata helped with the move.  Thank you to all the helpers in this move.


  • For the Sake of the Children – Documentary Screening – Joyce Iwasaki

The screening of the film, For the Sake of the Children, is scheduled to be shown in the Betsuin annex on     Sunday October 28th from 4:00 pm, followed by a panel discussion and a reception. The film explores the     Japanese American incarceration, its impact on current generations who are descendants of families who     were incarcerated and the complex interplay of culture, racial prejudice, history and intergenerational     differences. Rich and poignant interviews of women who were imprisoned and the impact that has had     on their children as well as future generations are bought forth in this film. These individuals reflect a     cross section of society such as artists, politicians, preservationists, journalists, activists and young     students.

Sponsors of this event are Poston Community Alliance, Midori Kai, Inc., Japanese American Museum of     San Jose and the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin.

There is no admission fee but donations are welcome and will be divided amongst the four sponsoring     nonprofit organizations. RSVP is requested for venue capacity regulations as well as an anticipated count     for the reception. RSVP by texting the number of attendees: 925 596 1770. For more information, please     contact Joyce Iwasaki at j.iwasaki@yahoo.com. Walk Ins Welcome.

  • Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) Coast District Council – Joyce Iwasaki

The Coast District Council (CDC) met on Thursday September 20, 2018 in San Jose.  Thank you to the Betsuin BWA members who prepared dinner for 20/30 people. Dinner of sukiyaki donburi with an array of side dishes and desserts were truly enjoyed. Some casual comments included having the desserts in “to go” containers was a great idea.

CD Ministers’ Association (CD MA):

The CD Ministers’ Association had their elections and Rev Jay Shinseki of the Monterey and Watsonville Temples is now the CD MA Kyokucho.

The CD MA approved a $300 oiwai gift for Rev Fujimoto upon his retirement as a BCA minister.

CDC Reports:

  • BCA Research on a Financial Plans Ideas and Options:

Gary Hongo of the San Luis Obispo Temple represents the CDC at the BCA Ad-Hoc Committee researching     financial options for the BCA. Gary along with Rick Stambul, BCA President, reported on this committee’s     findings to date. This includes: a recommendation not to sell any BCA assets to retire the debt owed to     the BCA Endowment Foundation to pay off the current balance of the loan of $3.2M with annual     payments of $134K. A more favorable solution is to have a major BCA Campaign to raise enough funds to     retire the debt and to fund existing and new BCA programs.

  • Oiwai to Rev Fujimoto:

The CDC approved a gift of $300 oiwai gift to Rev Fujimoto upon his retirement as a BCA minister.

  • 2019 CDC Nembutsu Family Conference – Fall:


Background: When this concept was developed 20 years ago, the purpose of the Nembutsu Family     Conference was to have all sectors in Coast District have their conferences together in addition to     enhanced activities that bring participants altogether sharing aspects and activities together. Instead of     each organization (Dharma School, YBA, ABA, BWA, etc) planning and offering separate conferences, all     organizations would have their individual meetings and activities during one weekend in addition to     sharing the Dharma and activities together.


It worked well in the beginning. Lately, however, the various organizations have chosen not to structure     their conferences in this framework.


Question: should we continue with this concept and structure it and coordinate all organizations to     participate within the original model?


Next CDC Meeting is set for Thursday November 29, 2018 in San Luis Obispo.  Rinban Sakamoto and Ed Nodohara plan to attend.